Description of the Versions

Two versions of the ULWR/Tracy Bros. Conditional Use Permit ("CUP") are available here to download or to read on-line. The on-line version does not include the Microsoft Word strikeouts and comments. You must download the originals to see everything.

Click to Download Version #1 (Before changes)
Click to Download Version #2 (After changes)
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The on-line version does not include the document “markups” and formatting so the reader will not see the changes made to Version #1. Read Version #2 for the most recent draft.

Version #1 shows the numerous proposed additions (underlined words) or deletions (lined-through words) and Version #2 shows the CUP as it would read IF all of the additions/deletions are accepted by the Board of Zoning Appeals ("BZA") in their current proposed form.

Version #1, with additions/deletions, shows the changes tentatively agreed to at the September 23rd BZA meeting and by the parties' attorneys on October 17th and 21st in non-public meetings – with the exception of the issues still being objected to by the Permittees: the dollar amount in paragraph 51, some of the language in paragraphs 16, 52, and 53 as well as minor parts of one or two other paragraphs, such as paragraph 5. Working out new proposed language for paragraph 16 has been tasked to the Town's Engineer and ULWR's environmental consultant. Those previously involved in the negotiations will reconvene to work on new proposed language for the other provisions still not accepted by the Permittees.

Version #2, with all proposed changes accepted for word processing purposes, is provided because it is easier to read and thereby easier to assess what the CUP would require or permit were it to be accepted by Permittees and the BZA in its current form. This version is not entirely complete due to the exception of the issues still being objected to by the Permittees, see the above explanation for Version #1.

If you have comments or questions about the CUP, it will be appreciated if you make them in writing and submit them in advance of the BZA's next public meeting (12/3/08) to the Town Clerk or via this website. Written pre-meeting submissions will allow the BZA Chairman to identify the provisions of the CUP for which discussion is sought besides those the BZA members may themselves raise at the December 3rd meeting.

ULWR – United Liquid Waste Recycling
CUP – Conditional Use Permit
BZA - Board of Zoning Appeals